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damn why is my boyfriend more dramatic than i am??

Jan. 30th, 2011 | 05:08 pm
mood: distressed distressed

i love darik with all my heartbut geez..last night after working all day, i went over there and idk.. out of nowhere he was like.. um so what are you doing tonight, i said idk.. going home and i asked why and he said because him and ryan(fuckin faggot, please refer to this in however many years when he finally decides to come out) were going to a party..silence...do you wanna go? (he said this in the voice i know all too well, the im asking you but i really dont want u to) omg!!! i didnt answer the question because i already knew what party he was talking about... fucking ugly ass bitch diana hutchenson. ugh then i told him i didnt want him to go and long story short, he thinks im being a controlling bitch and he also thinks we should go on a break. fml. fml. fml. sooo of course he went, i assume..and i called twice at like 1am and he ignored them.. so im really trying to be head strong and not call or text him. ughh and to add to the drama andrew started talking to me again and DAMN.. he has a lot of issues lol. oh well.. lol doesnt concern me, the only thing i care about is my and dariks relationship.. ive never wanted anything so badly.. i love him so much. and i know we are supposed to be together. i feel like he is tired of me.. idk.. maybe not im just confused.. ill let you know if/when he decides to talk to me again.. i need hip tattoos lol. peace&love

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Dont go someplace cold, its retarded!!!

Jan. 14th, 2011 | 11:55 pm
mood: disappointed disappointed

so, i dont know why i just remembered i had this but i did lol. sooo... this week was the winter storm of 2011 apparently.. i just got new computer with a built in web cam so me and darik have been skyping.. also.. i read some posts before about me liking "dereck wilcox" lol omg.. we were so made for each other, except i knew it before he did. haha... i just told him about this and he is acting really creeped out which annoys me sorta because he is with me and loves me so he should think its cute.. i think. whatever.. so yea today was my first day back at gsu for this semester.. idk about my classes yet. spanish seems like the only okay one. i am sorta upset with darik right now because lately he doesnt act like he wants anything to do with me and its so.. idk frustrating. bc i love him so much and all i wanna do is be with him but that doesnt seem like how he feels. ugh.. i feel like he is the one and that this is it.. im in it for the long run and i just dont know how much he feels the same. i know he loves me but....idk ugh.. i wish i could see the future and see how thingsturn out so i dont stress about it. right now hes ignoring me to play xbox with ryan. i honestly think ryan is gay.. like some of the things he does is just... idk. i cant even describe it right,like i can understand jokin around but you dont just go and hump another guy jokinly... so anyways..darik is supposedly joining the airforce but i dont know how much i believe that now because its been almost a year since he has started saying thats what he is going to do and he hasnt even taken the asvab test yet. i really hope having a LDR isnt going to ruin us. b i know him going into the airfore is the best thing for him to do, not just for us but for him. he needs to start being independent. he is 21 and has never worked, doesnt go to school and sits at the house playing video games... well thats not true i do take up a lot of his time.. i kind of feel selfish sometimes because i know if i wasnt around so much he could be in the airforce already.. and i KNOW if i was never in the picture at all he would have been long gone... it makes me cry(i know thats gay) becuase i dont want him to resent me for keeping him here bc he told me a LONG time ago that im the reason that he stayed and didnt join the military back in.. 09. and now its 2011... i kept him from doing something he needed to do for 2 years..i feel so shitty. now im all depressed so im gonna try to sleep or something.. i guess ill see if darik tries to talk to me later on tonight.. i doubt it.=/


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(no subject)

Jan. 26th, 2010 | 01:59 pm
mood: crappy crappy

woah 41 weeks lol. soooooo at ga state. class at 4... idk bored. tomorrow hopefully spending the day with dewy. next month will be our 7 months. umm...uti ugh. the end.

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wow.. long time

Apr. 11th, 2009 | 10:36 pm
mood: cranky cranky

yea so we got andys internet i guess. ermm idk only a few weeks left till graduation..uhh idk im thirsty haha idk its saturday...the other day kennys gf ovie had their kid. uh... idk im bored. buh bye

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i miss her so much!

Jul. 24th, 2008 | 03:19 pm
mood: crappy crappy

so, i sorta just got home at kaylas house and she just about died. like seriously. i was so scared. it made me think about what would have happened if she did and i couldnt take it. i miss nikky so much. im listening to dreaming of you right now and i cant help but cry. its true, you never know what you have until its gone and it sucks. like, for real. you never thin k you could have that much emotion for just one person. and that really says alot since you , in a whole life time meet hundreds of thousands of people all at risk of loosing them. but you cant avoid it. you can only hope and pray it doesnt happen.

ugh. so anyways, mike is coming home today.. im glad. i need to talk to him. i want him to cheer me up. i need it desperately.

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let me tell ya bout my beeeeeeeeest friendd!

Jun. 29th, 2008 | 10:44 pm
mood: contemplative contemplative

haha i <3 rob adn big lol

anyways..so this weekend, lil marcus and christina stayed with u.. it was pretty lame.. we did isketch and playdoh and the lake and the beach and.. idk it as lame i hate random stuff like that lol. the only good thing, colorguard starts in umm...8 days so.. YAY lol. kayla is still a bitch but idc, oh freakin nina lost her bathing suit! wtg. so... i started talkin to ryan smrt again since he moved to marrietta.. he's coming back to vr around july 10 for tiffany's b-day so we are planning to hang out then. lol =] well life is alright lets just pray it gets better.

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stfu get over it. ..blurma lol

Jun. 26th, 2008 | 06:29 pm
mood: confused confused

kayla is being a fxing bitch. i dont know what the frick her problem is but she seriously needs to get over it. im tired. idc whatever. she'll understand what its like to get ignored when colorguard gets here in a few weeks, unlike her, i talk to more ppl on guard then just me nina and brittany. so.. hmm i suppose shes gonna be kinda lonely without me and nina, i guess brit will hang with her for a while if shes not with chelsy.lol idk i think im gonna get a kick out of this. =]i just hope it doesnt totally backfire. =/

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ur a redneck heartbreak whos really better lyin

Jun. 24th, 2008 | 09:47 pm
mood: cranky cranky

so.. i told kayla.. im not sure how exactly she took it.. idk. kayla was mad at brit b/c she supposedly told kristi carp about her that kayla said about her teeth. idk. idc. but brit is talkin to me today. blahhhh im hungry and idk what to do tongiht.<3 whatev.

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best weekend ever!!

Jun. 23rd, 2008 | 03:41 pm
mood: bouncy bouncy

so, on friday morning at 9:30 or so we went to kaylas house, and we just hung out then her step daddy danny came and idk what we did all the time but idk we did something. we got zaxbys and sat on the jets skis and idk.. but later her mom came home and so we decided to play hide and seek and so i was counting but i couldnt find them for nothing then cody came home.. aha oh i forgot Daisy, their cow dog farted on me.. ew lol. but ne ways..kayla got danny all mad so later that night we made little cards and pictures and stuff. idk we started watching youtube videos, then i ate codys pudding and idk, i listened to music we cody and hung out until like 3... so whenever i left nina and kayla were already asleep so i just climbed on the end and feel asleep. lol the next morning, we woke up and taylor came and we rode down to lake allatoona and idk it was raining at first but it got better.. idk we haad so much fun. this lesbian lady named carla gave us vodka beer and this good orange juice with rum. ahha we were so wasted, kayla accidently smashed the vodka bottle lol... idk we just had lots of fun. we rode on jet skis and swam and idk, when we did end up going back it was late like 9 aha oh well. we told robin about the alcohol shee thought it was funny. oh and carla grabbed me ass. wtf lol. idk. we were sitting on the couch and i was wrapped up in a blanket trying to get daisy to love me again. lol cody was on the computer trying to be non-chilant (sp????) lol. idk it was awesome

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weekend at the lakehouse boat thing

Jun. 19th, 2008 | 02:03 pm
mood: indescribable indescribable

so.. wow havent been on here in a while. lol wellyesterday got internet from verizon..isnt that odd?? oh wellit works.. its crappy but it works. so tommy is taking mom to north carolina to stay at the biltmore estate. yea, nina and myself arentgoing.so were going to kaylas 2morrow and were headin off to lake altuna where they have a boat house thing and were staying there for the weekend it should be loads of fun.. haha kayla said to stop by wal-mart and pick up a bottle of flirtacious lol. yea i packed yesterday. omg so my mom is making us bring "snacks" haha wtg. yep. pringles,caprisuns and ,(my favorite) animal crackers.. LOL. she cracks me up. so.. hmm... its the 19th of june and still no updates as to when colorguard practice starts.. idk if able made a great desicion about jamie.. she lives all the way in alabama.. idk. oh well. yea so we got our uniforms b4 school ended, they are yellow and red. their cute. been goinng to the beach alot. lol got tanned.. ew lol. idk i suppose im done so bbl!! <<33

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